Richard (Dick) Summerfeldt

headshotMy background has been interesting and challenging including multi-faceted careers shifting me from city to city, province to province, state to state, country to country and continent to continent. My first jobs (actually working for a living) included welding and machinist at; Noranda Mines, Phillips Cable, Dupont of Canada, where I changed my skill sets to design drafting and manufacturing engineering. This opened up new opportunities where I worked as a contract engineer doing plant layout at; Ford Motor Co and GMC in US and CA, Dow Chemicals, Buffalo Forge, etc.

I began a new career (talking for a living) developing 28 companies within the Western world providing engineering personnel to all of the major manufacturers of fighter planes, spy planes, helicopters and drones. Aircraft; Harrier, Tornado (swing wing), Black Bird, Lavi (Canard design), Euro fighter, F-111 (swing wing), F-16, (all F series up to 22).

Taking on Photography professionally (7th career?) was a natural transition for myself when I considered the situation where I wanted to keep myself busy but in a creative manner. My amateur experience began in 1954 taking shots with a Kodak Brownie B&W film camera.

Photography has always been a pleasure for me and with the advent of DSLR and the economy of the process it can now be more creative and challenging. The limitations of; film, processing and printing have virtually disappeared - People rarely print their photos anymore and preferably use their; Smart Phones, Laptops, Digital viewer or -

– “The sense of accomplishment” –