Creating a Collage
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PHOTO COLLAGE - Multi photo to Art - John's 55

The first step is the photography – be it the photo of a; person, car, horse, boat, etc. or combination thereof, assembling 5 to 10 photos and laying out the primary views/details of a vehicle and a head shot of the owners.

Planning ahead is the 1st step – sketch out the feature view of the vehicle and then position other views highlighting front and rear to capture the predominant design characteristics – The 4 chrome portholes on the front fenders “classified” the big Buick Roadmaster as being in rare company with the big Lincolns, Cadillac’s and GM brother 98 Olds – A headshot of the owner (John) should be positioned to align the light source and shadows with the primary object (4 holer Buick) - in this case all of the photos were taken mid noon which generates a considerable amount of photo adjustments (ACDSee, PS, PP, PSP, etc) because of dark shadows and burn out.

Utilizing ACDSee Pro the basic “Art Factors” are balanced and each of the selected photos are cropped and saved as JPEG’s (min 10 mg dslr) or TIFF’s. Next using Corel Photo Paint (at 300 dpi) the individual segments are “captured and masked” and prepped for Painting.

To print a painted (Digital Fine Art Ink Jet) Collage at a lesser size than 19”x13” is not worth doing – The details of the brush marks and canvas or paper will be lost. Projecting a 19x13 up on a 46” Sony HD Bravia works well! – Stepping up the print size by 50% pulls out the artistic values much better...

car collage
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John's 55