Contacting Us

Packardplease contact us by email at

TO Order -

To arrange a photo shoot with the goal of creating a Collage (KO Framing) please email us to establish arrangements. The costs vary with; the shoot location (may have your car on file?), size and number of views within the piece of art, the framing size/style and delivery expenses. has a copyright on all the photos in the WS. If you are a club member of a Linked in Auto Club with you are welcome to download at will. There are over 3000 photos cached on the site and we have well over 500,000 in the company library. If you see a specific vehicle or person that you may want other views of, email the referenced; Event, Show, Cruise, etc. and we will do an internal search. Should you want copies of hi-rez photos (photos on WS are 400 to 800pix hi) send the gallery and photo number (KO). You can download an 800pix hi off WS and get a decent 5x7 print. We usually price the cost per photo based on the number of hi-rez shots you require. To order a hi-rez photo we can send the file direct to your chosen printer. Also Autoshot can print them and mail them to you (up to 19”x 13”).

Delivery -

Delivering a framed (Glass or plastic) piece of art locally (within 30 km of Toronto) is not a problem. Meeting at a future show is an option or meeting for a coffee at Starbucks. We are negotiating to buy a delivery truck but ---.


At present, we accept payment by PayPal or by cheque, and we will supply further details with confirmation of your order.