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headshot Photography is a means to an end in my eyes. Not very profound but does give a person the basic idea. I have used varied equipment (Still and Video) and film evolving into the recent (relatively) digital technology with the multi mega pixel photos. It is a wonderful hobby and for a Pro it is a gratifying career.

Photography captures time documenting now within thousands of a second. Timing is everything “They Say” and capturing that one in a 1000th great photograph means you had to be there and prepared properly. Taking photos of; People, Cars, Horses, athletics, etc. outside or inside, lighting, weather, shadows, time of day, dawn or dusk, flash, multi flash units, lens limitations, etc. with a good bag of luck can get you there. I can pre-set my Pentax K20D 15 Meg camera before I leave for a shoot. There are 28 options available for the “User” settings. I keep my backup cameras on automatic and over a days shooting 50% of the acceptable shots will have come from the backup cameras on automatic.

Try taking a decent shot of a red car during the noon sun. It can be done but you have to edge up on that sophisticated DSLR computer. I find that using the Internet and studying the capabilities of the camera is a continuing productive method of education. Keeping up to date with the latest Revs (software) pays off if you want to maintain your edge. I bumped up my ISO to 6400 and found that with some (a bunch) of editing with my ACDSee Pro software you can pull-push a decent shot.

In the attached Galleries I have pulled out a cross section of my photographic accomplishments (so to speak). There are specific Galleries of photos my wife Sandi has taken; Antarctica, Kilimanjaro, Italian Alps, Austrian Alps, B.C. Rockies and South Africa.

car photo
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